Are you the artist? For A Double Headed Coin, group show curated by Scott Robertson.

The End, Of Course Response to COVID19 lockdowns, commissioned by final year BA Fine Art students at Bath School of Art & Design.


Best to keep busy


In These Interesting Times

The Future Has Been and Gone : Response to the work of Will Kendrick

The Art of Rivalry : Writer in residence at Od Arts Festival


Cold Stone

They knocked down my first school and I wasn’t even consulted

I’ve never been there but I know what it looks like – Twitter residency as part of Will Kendrick’s iPhone Residency.

On The Edge Of A Continent : Conceptual Text for Home Platform group show.

CONCLUSION : Concluding chapter to 30Dii : So If I Understand Correct. Commissioned and published by Reno Nyx (page 135).

THE CARTOGRAPHER : Short story. Commissioned and published by Reno Nyx in 30Dii : So If I Understand Correct (page 23).

BEACONS : Conceptual text for MadeScapes^ show.

WALKING THROUGH FIELDS IN SEPTEMBER : Fiction (exhibition text for The Nostalgia Project).

AS FAR AS THE ARCHIVES CAN SEE : Conceptual text for Home_Platform group show.

BENDING LIGHT : Conceptual text for Home_Platform group show.

MAYBE WE’RE HERE : Conceptual text for Lewk Wilmshurst solo show Vegas Legs.

EXCERPT FROM AN UNWRITTEN MEMOIR / PART i : Fiction (exhibition text for Past Perfect).

LIVING IN THE MEMORY OF OUR FUTURE SELVES : Conceptual text for MadeScapes^ show I Used to be an Adventurer Like You.

WE WILL ONLY KNOW OURSELVES THROUGH THE EYES OF EACH OTHER : Conceptual text for group show curated by Hannah Wilmshurst.

LOVE AND OTHER UTOPIAS : Conceptual text for MadeScapes^ show Love and Other Utopias.

TRAWLER : Scrolling conceptual text for MadeScapes^.

THE TRAWLER : Conceptual text for MadeScapes^.