Publication: Horizons Are Important

‘Horizons are Important’
artists’ book, published in spring 2021, through fifthsyllable.

The Artist

Before I set out on the Pennine Way (in 2007 and again in 2018), I imagined returning to my studio with hand-held journals filled with scrawled notes, inserted maps, and hastily sketched landscapes mottled with Pennine rain. The reality is that my phone is the place where my typing can track the pace of my thoughts, so that was where I documented my 2018 adventure. I took hundreds of pictures, saved notes, both written and spoken, and posted my progress on social media. Through this process I confirmed that I will never be the artist that drags his easel onto the moors to scrape out his emotions with a palette knife. I am much more likely to draw a two-line horizon on a Post-It Note, stick it to the gallery wall, and write a few thousand words about it.