The Trawler (2013)

Scrolling text for MadeScapes^

Everything at once imagine that this up here doing this and some of these over here while this one down here just plays on a loop to be able to see the whole thing frontstage and back in fact you shouldn’t even be able to tell the difference it should just all be on all the time constantly viewable from all angles because everything is equal now that’s what the last decade sorted out did it not I mean it is all fair game from instant selfshots to instant headlessness in a single click not even a single click just there always on even if I am not watching it I want it to be running in the background let the player watch it for me I don’t have to actually see these things happen to know that they are there because the player is seeing them in place of me as long as the thing is running the clip is playing the music is progressing then it has been seen just not necessarily by anyone in person but being played is the same as being seen we have established that like tweeting out into the ether and all of your friends have stopped following you or in fact are still following you so you are playing your theme to the world but everyone has removed you from their feed so no-one is actually seeing the things you post anymore and you even suspect this to be the case because no-one ever comments but you carry on anyway because the interaction comes when you comment on the things that other people write and they reply so it serves as a diversion from all your unheard and unread status updates if social networking is you in a room with everyone you know and you have the microphone then the reality of Facebook is you in a room with everyone you know and you have the microphone but the microphone is turned off or unplugged or everyone is wearing headphones listening to someone else or has earplugs in listening to no-one but their own voice only not through the movements of air molecules and vibrations of their eardrums but through the resonance of their voice through their own bones and on it goes on and on always on everywhere everything at once being listened to or viewed by the players not the viewers and not in one window but open in new tab open in new tab new tab new tab new tab so that you have constant access to everything at once (back to the beginning)