Trevor H. Smith has the ability to incorporate personal response, critical reflection, and socio-political context in his writing, and invites the reader to engage in a vivid and enlightening journey to experience an artwork or series of artworks vicariously. He writes in a unique and accessible style, which enriches the understanding and appreciation of art for a range of audiences and consistently demonstrates that he can respond creatively to a brief and meet deadlines.

Hand in Glove
Visual Art Producers

Trevor’s review work is excellent. His writing style is idiosyncratic, yet authoritative, and that makes it very engaging. It is clear Trevor understands the work at a deep level, and through close informed observation, he offers a clear description and critical insight.

Roy Voss
Course Leader, MA Fine Art, UWE

As well as being very reliable and trustworthy, whatever Trevor contributes is always inspiring, confident, informed and observant. I would always rely on Trevor to provide top rate writing, whatever the situation.

David McLeavy
Founder of Young Artists in Conversation

Trevor interviewed me for YAC and enabled an insightful dialogue about my project I’M STAYING. Trevor was extremely perceptive and posed interesting and personal questions that allowed me to consider and articulate ideas about my work that hadn’t yet come to the fore.

Shaun C. Badham