Best to Keep Busy (spoken word, 2020)

Reason to doubt  (spoken word, 2018)

The Art of Rivalry  (spoken word, 2018)

Cold Stone (spoken word, 2017)

A short story about how I overcame my fear of drawing, and a picture I drew of Peter Beardsley when I was ten years old. (performative lecture, 2019)

Post-It (2018)
(excerpt – full length video 3m35s)
Every horizon from the Pennine Way that I posted on Instagram, drawn onto square Post-It notes and posted onto the studio wall.


Horizons are Important (original artist’s book, 2020)
It’s not a gallery (digital text series, 2017-present)

AN ENIGMA A MEANING (MDF anagrams, 2012)

First Impressions (Proposals Project, 2009-present)
her idea of heaven (billboard, 2012)