Walks With Other Artists

The most tangible outcome of my walking the Pennine Way in 2018 was the privilege of beign able to spend an extended period of time in the company of one other person. Walks With Other Artists attempts to recreate that, if only for one day.

The gift of this work is in the form of permission given to the other artist to spend the day with me, away from their practice, their second job, their family commitments. A day walking in nature, and sitting in it, sharing a meal, and our most intimate thoughts, fears, and expectations, or we can talk about the weather, it’s entirely their call.

This project is documented via social media HERE

Walk 001: Richard Draper, Wiltshire

Walk 002: Simon Lee Dicker, Somerset

Walk 003: Megan Clark-Bagnall, Bath & Bristol Railway Path

Walk 004: Nick Grellier, Stroud

Walk 005: Scott Robertson, Hastings to St. Leonards on Sea

Walk 006: Jon England, Western Zoyland

Walk 007: Bob Gelsthorpe, Cardiff and the Taff Trail

Walk 008: Cliff Andrade, Leigh Woods, Bristol

Walk 009: Lucy Large, Somerset Mineral Line

This project was initially inspired by my lifelong walking partner, Derek (see image), who asked me ‘What’s the difference between an artist walking and a non-artist walking?’