Artist in Residence: Pennine Way

In the summer of 2018 I walked the 268-mile long Pennine Way and framed it as a self-directed residency, in the hope that it might inspire a new body of work.

I took hundreds of pictures, saved notes, both written and spoken, and posted my progress on social media. Through this process I confirmed that I will never be the artist that drags his easel onto the moors to scrape out his emotions with a palette knife. I am much more likely to draw a two-line horizon on a Post-It Note, stick it to the gallery wall, and write a few thousand words about it.

Post-It. Every horizon I photographed on the Pennine Way and posted in Instagram, drawn on a Post-It note and stuck to the gallery wall in sequence.

FILM: Lone Campanula Rotundifola
AUDIO: In These Interesting Times