Brass plaque, embossed with the words ‘Supporting the Arts’, permanently displayed on the foundations of studio belonging to artist Clare Winnan.

A Tumblr account reblogging images of rain on windows


No Pic Per Day 2013
Using text to depict an image per day for an entire year.
Read about it, including examples, here.

Wall Piece
A composite photograph of the studio wall, hung on top of the studio wall, acting in place of the studio wall.

wall piece

Appearing proposalAppearing in other people's photographs

Shouting Hello to France (click here for film)

Shouting hello, allowing enough time to pass for the soundwaves created by my voice to reach the French coast, for someone to hear them and reply, and for their reply to reach me on the English coast.
Film 14m10s.

hello france 04

005. Repatriation rationaleideas

03 repatriation quote


Intervention In Simon Starling’s Mirrored Wallhead.

004. intervention 1st004. intervention 1st 1004. intervention 1st 2








Between Birth and Death, Part Five
Throwing twenty balls of paper into a popcorn bucket repeatedly until all twenty land inside the bucket, consecutively.

Between Birth and Death #005


I Miss My Best Friend
Photoshopped images of me and my friend’s passport photograph touring the city of Bath.

I miss my best friend

TV Quick
Burying my television sets.

004. TV Quick 02TV Quick